When I'm in need of nurturing and a dose of sparkle, I call upon Aradhana Silvermoon. A Topanga girl with the relaxed disposition and vegan sandals to prove it, Silvermoon comes armed with her hemp satchel full of lotions and potions and essential oils — fairy dust too. Equal parts warrior, medicine woman and earth mother, Silvermoon — who runs Dancing Star Well Being Arts with TruthI Melchizedek — transforms her massage table into a ritual healing space. Our sessions are infused with bits of magic: the extended tingle of her palm on my heart chakra, the sweet melody of her soul song as she guides the tension out of my Radiohead-at-the-Bowl-two-nights-in-a-row!-dance-madness sore calves, and the surprise whiff of fresh rosemary under my nose just as she guides me back from Never-Never Land. Ahhhhhradhana . . .

—Dani Katz

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