There's this teeny, tiny exercise studio that has these machines that vibrate, like really hard, and a lot. The machines are called PlateFit, and they were designed for Russian astronauts to stay in shape in space, but they're now being used by L.A. fitness fanatics to keep their bodies smokin' hot. While the studio offers a slew of different classes, my favorite is the CelluliteFIT, if for no other reason than I can do it in a coma. It's only 30 minutes long, during which time the movie-star-gorgeous instructor guides his students as they lie, sprawled across the platform, in various configurations of prone and angled just so, meant to target cellulite-prone areas (butt, thighs, belly, upper arms) with its state-of-the-art SFA (shake the fat away) technology. All you really have to do is get yourself there, and then grunt from one position to the next, while the machine does all the work for you. Yay for technology, right?

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