BirdLA is a loose supergroup of local Audubon chapters and other birdwatching organizations promoting bird awareness. It offers bird-watching tips and resources for budding birders — for example, explaining how to ID a bird from its call or physical features. Its website features answers to such urban mysteries as “How to help birds avoid hitting your windows at home” and “Getting to know winter birds.” Most significant is its Bird L.A. Day, which offers expert birders curating early morning to afternoon walks and talks for the public. They hit the prime spots where you can see Los Angeles' hummingbirds, gulls, great blue herons, flycatchers, snowy egrets and other sundry feathered friends. From the L.A. River to Palos Verdes, Pasadena to Malibu, BirdLA is fostering a burgeoning urban bird-watching culture. It's the perfect group for L.A. County, where more varieties of birds are spotted than in any other county in the nation. —Wendy Gilmartin

LA Weekly