The Daily Pint could be mistaken, and probably has been, for a college dive bar. But take a look at those four beer engines; what's being pumped from these casks is not your average lager. Daily Pint owner Phillip McGovern merged this city's European stout and American IPA ways, and without a single gastropub burger. (Little food is served here.) On any given Sunday, you'll likely find salt-and-pepper-haired home-brew club members discussing their upcoming beer tour in Belgium, hipsters on hand, a handful of college kids here for a game of pool or shuffleboard, and regulars who keep coming back for beer and single-malt Scotch (McGovern built up a massive whiskey collection nearly 20 years ago at his regular customers' request). Sometimes what you'll find on draft is a single keg of some impossibly scarce IPA, and thus the beer geeks come out of the woodwork. Other nights there's an Oktoberfest vibe that's all about German hefeweizen fun. But most nights, the Daily Pint is just your neighborhood drop-by-for-a-pint sort of place. And that's just about perfect. 2310 Pico Blvd., Santa Monica. (310) 450-7631,

—Jenn Garbee

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