Bingo, boy toys, beer and beef, anyone? Hamburger Mary’s may be the only place on earth where you can enjoy all of these at once. Its “Legendary Bingo” nights on Wednesdays and Sundays ain’t your grandma’s game scene, but if you took her here, we bet she’d never want to leave. Fab prizes, fabber getups and celeb guests calling out numbers make this one a winner whether your card gets filled or not. Other nights, Mary’s hammy hostess roster features some of the finest drag and trans personalities in town: Calpernia Addams’ seductive “Unreal” cabaret show, Saturday’s saucy Wendy Ho Ho Show, the big-voiced Boofant Sisters, the rockin’ vox of Detox on Friday. Mary’s may be a chain restaurant (the menu is packed with notch-above-TGIFriday’s artery-clogging fare and monstrous fruity cocktails), but the WeHo location is more club than café: studly waiters and bartenders, pumping dance beats on the speakers, disco balls in the bathroom and the coolest check tray ever: a silver sequined high-heeled shoe. Size 12, natch. 8288 Santa Monica Blvd., W. Hlywd. (323) 654-3800. —Lina Lecaro

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