Every beach in L.A. has its own culture, its own vibe, its own rules, from the baby boomer thugs who try to keep outsiders away from the beautiful beaches of Rancho Palos Verdes, to the always surprising mass of weirdos and eccentrics populating Venice Beach. Chances are, there's a beach somewhere that suits you. If you're a nighttime beach sort of person, Dockweiler State Beach in Playa del Rey is ideal. As the sun prepares to slink beyond the horizon, hordes of Angelenos descend upon Dockweiler's cement fire pits, building bonfires, cooking s'mores or grilling dinner, depending on how prepared they came (tip: If you want to grill, bring the round metal grill from your Weber at home). Of course, there's plenty of reason to get there earlier, too. Situated right below the LAX runway, Dockweiler offers a gorgeous panoramic view of the ocean and is easily accessible as a break from Westside traffic; you can park your car right off of Vista del Mar street and the end of Imperial Highway.

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