So you landed in Silver Lake after art school. You've got three roommates and your temp job barely covers the rent. Your parents are wondering what you're up to. You've got a video installation that's opening soon, and you know it's not their thing. But y'know what, they want to connect. So you invite them out. But here's the dilemma: Where will they stay? Not with you and your roommates, and not at the Comfort Inn. Try the Sanborn Guest House. It's quiet, charming and only a block from Sunset Junction. The rooms are reasonably priced ($85 for the room, $110 for the suite). They've also added some newer options: a nearby apartment (Tyler's Place) and a studio in Echo Park. One caveat: It fills up fast, so book well in advance. 1005 Sanborn Ave., Silver Lake; (323) 666-3947,

—Gene Maddaus

LA Weekly