It's so humbling, adult ballet. As if staring at your Lycra-clad body in a mirror for 90 minutes isn't harrowing enough, there's the actual ballet part. Because ballet is hard — like, really hard — and because you're nowhere near as strong or flexible as the teenage version of yourself, and so it is that you spend a good part of most every class waging an onslaught of existential angst while your leg shakes in a sad and crooked attitude on a wobbly relevé, faced as you are with such an intense reflection of your impending demise. That sort of neurotic self-delusion is pretty much impossible while you're taking Kristin Campbell-Taylor's Rock the Barre ballet class at the Sweat Spot. A veritable force of feminine power and confidence, KCT (as everyone calls her) puts her Saturday morning class devotees through their paces — at the barre, the center and across the room — to the likes of Björk, FKA Twigs and The Go-Go's, imploring her bunhead devotees to imagine jewel-emblazoned clavicles, and to focus our gazes upon tempestuous imaginary lovers in the invariably super sassy routine she teaches after taking us through our classical paces. Kudos for rock & roll ballet, and empowered teachers who encourage us to feel sexy and amazing while grunting our way through petit allegro.

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