Summercamp's ProjectProject is such a likable idea — a group of crazy kids, living in a big-ass house in El Sereno, using their work-light summer months to put together shows right in their own backyard (literally). And what a backyard it is! Some of the most memorable works have made epic use of the enormous, sloping hill. Mercedes Teixido's hilarious Sisyphus and Newton was a huge, inflatable boulder that visitors could push either up the hill or down. Ryan Lamb's video Chasing Myself featured people running up and down the slope to the tune of the Star Trek battle theme. Summercamp's prime season is now just about over, but keep a lookout for its exciting fall residency project at another friendly backyard location: Side Street Projects, an artist-run nonprofit in Pasadena. 730 N. Fair Oaks Ave., Pasadena. (323) 225-0911,

—Carol Cheh

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