Ryan Seaman of Back to Basycs is a maestro when it comes to massage. He's strong, intuitive and likes to dig really (really) deep, bending the laws of space and gravity and physics to reach otherwise inaccessible nooks and crannies in desperate need of touch and release. He's also notably shamanic, which means that during your session you can expect impromptu rosewater spritzes and the odd crystal placed upon your sacrum, while smelling the wafting tendrils of palo santo directed your way with a rhythmically flapping owl wing. This is L.A., where next-level bodywork proffered by magical, mystical types is pretty much standard fare, but Seaman takes it up a notch by being an astrologer, too. Before he digs into your car-crunched spine, he unpacks a full chart reading, wherein he explains your transits, your conjuncts and all that unruly karma to which those oddly aspected planets in your first house are pointing. No worries if you're not versed in the language of planets and asteroids; Seaman's got a knack for effortlessly translating those astral archetypes with metaphors and some really dazzling hand gestures. All before putting his magical hands on your body and continuing the conversation on the table. His studio is in Venice, and he also makes housecalls.

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