Daniel Bowman and Spencer Gauthier used to have a pop-up project they called Gauthier Bowman. They would rent out places for a night and make the experience as memorable as they could. One time they hung curtains over artworks, then cut the cloth away at the opening for the perfect “ta-da” moment. A little over a year ago, they decided to start staging shows again, and found an East Hollywood building that had been a shop called Egyptian Art & Antiques. They lost that space but kept its name. Now, Egyptian Art & Antiques is a small gallery in Beverly Hills, along a carpeted hallway, above the watch shop where Bowman and Gauthier both work. They aim to show artists who don't get enough play in L.A., including young artists from overseas. Their end-of-summer show featured painter Alexander Meadows, who comes up with his ideas while in a sensory deprivation tank. In one Meadows painting, puckered red lips hover at the edge of an oil spill. A previous show, called “Hunks,” included a hydrocal mobile that artist Timo Fahler suspended on a red linen ribbon. It looked like a cross between a lamp and a UFO.

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