Like most galleries, Chimento Contemporary has a main room and a smaller space for smaller projects. Unlike most, however, it also has a “Curated Loo” — or art shows in the bathroom. When the gallery opened in September 2015, artist Allie Pohl inaugurated the loo with a series of photographs called “Hot Seats.” They're self-portraits of the artist sitting on toilet seats in various bathrooms (at high-end clothing stores, Hearst Castle or In-N-Out). Each photo has the same general composition: You see colored or patterned underwear stretched across a woman's knees and — usually — tiled floors beneath. Later, artist Jessika Wood hung her “X-Rated” needlework in Chimento's bathroom, images of nude women with splayed legs stitched into linen. The fragile, skinlike shapes that Margarethe Drexel made of sugar hung on a wooden stick and looked a bit like underthings left to dry. This fall, the loo will feature the messages and images people send one another through dating apps, an installation that's bound to be squirm-inducing. Thankfully, you can lock yourself in and experience it alone.

LA Weekly