The days of gaudy mall glamour photography are thankfully long gone, and in their place a thriving, decidedly more diva-driven retro aesthetic has become all the rage: pin-up shoots. Who wouldn't want to look like a Bettie Page–style bombshell or Vargas girl vamp, right? Iconic Pinup offers the whole shebang and makes the shoot process as important — and fun — as the final product. Helmed by artist Stacy Lande and photog Carol Sheridan, the shoots come with full pin-up makeover (hair, makeup, styling) and a selection of snazzy backdrops (each lady has midcentury modern–adorned home studio) running the gamut from tiki fantasy to retro record room. The results are stunningly authentic-looking cheesecake fantasies that celebrate and enhance the female form, and harken back to a time when curves were crush-worthiest. In this age of Instagram selfies, everybody's a model on some level, but the va-va-voom aesthetic conjured here isn't just about boosting self-confidence, the attention of friends on social media or beguiled awe in boyfriends or hubbies. It's about turning oneself into a gorgeous old-school art form that as tantalizing as it is timeless.

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