Most weeks, Complex's Monday night sing-along, Ground Control, is filled with black garb, neon-dyed tresses and distinctive tattoos. But don't expect it be an all-dark/no-dork affair. The songbook here has some heavy choices: Throbbing Gristle, Christian Death, Foetus. But it also has some of the usual karaoke fodder, too. Surprisingly, it's not tourists who tackle those but regulars — and you haven't karaoked until you've joined a little pierced punkette on a rousing rendition of ABBA's “Dancing Queen.” Most put their own sinful spin on the songs, no matter the genre. As at any karaoke spot, some belt it and some kill it (not in a good way). Then a ringer from a local alt band with long bangs and a glum demeanor takes the stage and proceeds to devour Depeche Mode, perfectly capturing both the band's melancholy and dramatic melody. At Ground Control, the current goth and metal spot du jour for birthdays, this tends to happen a lot.

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