Seed&Spark, founded by Emily Best, has taken crowdfunding to an entirely more sophisticated level for filmmakers. What started out as a way to select only the best, most innovative projects to promote to a motivated network of small-time crowdfunding “investors” has now become everything from a video-on-demand distribution portal to an incubator for cutting-edge virtual reality projects. S&S has helped indie filmmakers of all experience levels find the capital to make their movies and has championed up-and-coming directors such as Meera Menon (who went on to helm the Sony Pictures feature Equity). With indie film collectively becoming the financial equivalent to any one of the studios, S&S is rolling out a new monthly membership plan: For $10 a month, you get access to 1,300 films S&S ushered through production, and five of those dollars go to support a new project of your choice from its healthy collection of ongoing crowdfunding campaigns. S&S is giving some much-needed organization to the renegades, even partnering with new-media companies to actively give more opportunity to some newly proven talent.

LA Weekly