Purikura, Japanese photo-sticker booths, make everyone look cute. Thanks to the magic of lighting, your skin will look clearer and your figure slimmer. If that isn’t enough incentive, you can decorate the photos with cute characters, speech bubbles and other digital odds and ends. For the best purikura selection, head out to Kira Kira in Rowland Heights. A designated photo arcade, the shop has eight machines, each specializing in a different look. It’s the only place in California where you can find the popular Bijin Ni Narimashou 3, which gives you flawless skin and huge, bright eyes, and B’s Third Collection, which offers a wide variety of backgrounds. Kira Kira also hosts parties in connection with L.A.’s Tune in Tokyo DJs every few months, where you and your friends can go photo-crazy while listening to the latest in Japanese pop music. 18558 Gale Ave., Rowland Heights. (626) 810-5885. —Liz Ohanesian

LA Weekly