Acupuncturists like to deny it, but those needles can smart. Not in a pokey way, in an electric-shock way. For wimps who still want the benefits of acupuncture, Ona Spa in West Hollywood has developed a $200, two-hour treatment that actually makes needle-sticking pleasant. Their brilliant idea: Precede the acupuncture with a customized hourlong full-body massage. The “Ona Radiance” starts with a cup of tea and a health history overview and brief physical exam by a very calming licensed acupuncturist. Then you get your massage, which features lovely aromatherapy oils. Next the doc comes in and you get your needles, the idea being that at this point you're so relaxed you barely feel them going in. The acupuncturist does some massage and beauty treatments while the needles are doing their thing, including running a jade roller over your face and placing crystals on your chakras. After removing the needles, the acupuncturist brings you more tea and some dried goji berries. After, she will give you personalized recommendations of Chinese herbs and dietary and lifestyle modifications, and a little bag of various crystals chosen just for you.
It's not just Western-style acupuncture, it's Westside-style acupuncture. 7373 Beverly Blvd., W. Hlywd.; (323) 931-4442.

—Samantha Bonar

LA Weekly