From Pac-Man fever to new-wave guy-liner, Madonna's baubles to Dynasty's shoulder pads, the '80s were all about excess and flamboyance. So it's fitting that famed L.A. bar duo Mark and Jonnie Houston showed (less than) zero restraint with their hot spot celebrating the era. Break Room 86, like some of the brothers' other bars, has a hidden entrance (via the back of the Line Hotel in K-town), but that's far from the most novel thing about this retro wonderland. Walls of old TVs and cassette tapes, microphone chandeliers and boomboxes make for eye candy to the max. The Good Time Boys, the beloved cover band from the Houstons' other decade-driven destination, Good Times at Davey Wayne's, play on occasion, and nightly DJs mash up '80s hits and cheesy misses. Need more? Check out the private karaoke rooms or the mini-vintage arcade, and it's on like Donkey Kong.

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