In a dresser drawer somewhere in my house lies my secret stash of Berocca. I keep it hidden because it is precious as gold — I wouldn't want someone just deciding to use it without good reason, and I never know when I'll be able to get more. But all that's about to change. 

Bloomberg Businessweek reports that Berocca is coming to America. Praise the lord. 

So what is it? It's kind of like a cross between Alka-Seltzer and Emergen-C, and it's the best damn hangover cure in the universe. 


Berocca has long been available in my homeland of Australia, where I get my stash whenever I visit, as well as Europe, Korea, South Africa and beyond. It comes in the form of flavored tabs that you drop into water, where it becomes a bubbling fizzy drink that delivers a powerful dose of all the things you need to combat a hangover: vitamin B, vitamin C, zinc, caffeine and various other supplements. 

Emergen-C has been a decent alternative, but when the big hangover strikes, I break out the Berocca, as do thousands of people all over the world. And now you can buy it here: Bayer has brought the stuff stateside, and even launched an ad campaign starring Joel McHale as a motivational speaker

According to the Bloomberg story, you should be able to find Berocca at your local chain drugstore. 

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