The answer to the question, Is Bernard Madoff good for the Jews? has become painfully obvious during the past week as Jewish charities and individuals take stock of the $50 billion damage allegedly wrought by the investment titan. Their misfortune has kicked off an anti-Semitic Oktoberfest of gloating over Madoff and his alleged victims. As we reported earlier with Sam Zell's filing for bankruptcy protection for Tribune Co.,  Madoff's Jewish background has sparked a bonfire of accusations and celebratory comments in the far-right blogosphere.

We quote some examples here, not to titillate but to show the kind of resentments and rages that have been festering in the margins  of the American political conversation since this past election season began. To be fair, some of these sites quoted below are concerned with more

mainstream concerns — such as disproving President-elect Barack

Obama's U.S. citizenship.

At Kentuckyanna True News (“We Are the Good Guys”), Anonymous was stoic:


a surprise. A Jew steels 50 Billion and max he would get is 5 years and

5 mil in fines? A black guy steels a car and gets more time for that.

Oh I forgot they are chosen people.”

Over at the neo-naz,

Celtic Welsh Warrior noted that the Elie Wiesel Foundation for Humanity

was among the Jewish organizations allegedly damaged by Madoff:

“Ouch, the pain, the suffering. Jews robbing Jews. Dumb race.
Celebrate Christmas, celebrate being White. Drive a stake into the heart of the Jew Devil with Christmas Season.”

British poster “floopin” at Guerrilla News Network took a break from celebrating an Israeli traffic tragedy (“The shoe of God hit a bus full of foaming-at-the-moth [sic] terrorist jews who were on a baby-eating trip from Russia.”) to have a go at Madoff:

“To put this in context, the US gives about $10 billion each year to Israel to fund the genocide of Arabs. So the thieved $50 billion will fund 5 years of jew terrorism.

Both WakeUpFromYourSlumber and (“A media outlet specifically tailored to White Interests, White Culture, and White Politics”), carried a long post from Christopher Bollyn's blog about Madoff, Yeshiva University and the American Jewish Congress:

“If Madoff has lost billions of dollars, as is alleged, these institutions should certainly be investigated as possible recipients of stolen money. The Zionist criminal structure relies on its tax-exempt 'religioius' network of schools and charities.”

Finally, Shelley at Daily Reckoning (“We have opinions and are not afraid to use em”) reflected about the recent slew of scandals involving Jewish financiers or lawyers in general:


lest they grow up to be kosher dogs

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