Looks like Hollywood pitchman, actor and conservative political voice Ben Stein won't get to win Kyocera's money.

Most of his lawsuit against the electronics maker has been dismissed, reports The Hollywood Reporter.

Stein said that he was dropped as a pitchman for the company after it learned about …

… his contrarian views on global warming.

(Jeez, and we thought only liberal Hollywood tools could be self-important windbags).

Stein says he had a $300,000 deal to pitch for Kyocera printers when the company backed out over his global warming doubts.

THR says that a California Superior Court judge struck 8 of Stein's 9 claims and said that while he does have the free-speech right to his views, his suit was an attempt to hamstring the free-speech rights of Kyocera as well.

The judge stated that the company …

… had a constitutional right not to be associated with Plaintiff, whose views on global warning as being the act of God, was different from that which Kyocera wished to espouse, i.e., that global warming was man-made.

The one claim that remains? Stein's contention that Kyocera misappropriated his publicity rights by hiring a pitchman replacement who (maybe) looks like him:

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