That exorbitant salary being drawn by former Bell city manager Robert Rizzo — the nearly $800,000 annual pay that set off a scandal with statewide implications — was really only half the story.

Fox 11 News reported over the weekend that, with paid vacation and sick days, he was getting more like $1.5 million a year from the more than one-square-mile, working class city in southeast L.A. County.

Additionally, Fox 11 reported (via Associated Press) that two other city officials who resigned last month after their sky high salaries were revealed by the Los Angeles Times were taking home much more when such benefits were calculated:

Assistant city manager Angela Spaccia take home was $845,000 (her already high salary was $376,288) and police chief Randy Adams pay was more like $770,000 (his salary was reported to be $457,000).

The salary scandal sparked a statewide movement to publish the salaries of municipal officials online. The Bell City Council, meanwhile, reduced its own $100,000 salary to match that of the one member who took home only $673 a month.

LA Weekly