The Bell City Council on Thursday was scheduled to hold a closed-door meeting to consider firing some of the municipality's notoriously overpaid officials. The public, shut out of an earlier meeting when the council decided to postpone the matter, will have to wait until Monday to have its say.

The council will reportedly consider dismissing Chief Administrative Officer Robert Rizzo (who makes $787,637 a year — nearly twice what President Obama makes), Assistant City Manager Angela Spaccia ($376,288 a year), and Police Chief Randy Adams ($457,000 a year).

The record-high salaries at the slightly more than 1-square-mile city came to light after the Los Angeles Times reported them.

Rizzo, by the way, could end up seeing nearly $1.5 million in public pension money and Social Security even if he's fired today. That would make him the highest-paid, pension-based retiree among California public employees.

LA Weekly