After 26 years of waiting, the Repo Man sequel is finally here: Repo Men. Well, maybe not. But original Repo Man director Alex Cox really has made a sequel to the classic L.A. punk movie and it's called… Repo Chick? Wait, but Cox says it's not a sequel: “that would be the further adventures of two middle-aged men driving a beaten-up Chevy across the firmament. REPO CHICK is something new for me: a girly film, and a new take on the age-old crisis of capitalism, or, how to make the most money out of fleecing the poor.”

So what is it? We're not sure either. Apparently the future looks like Grand Theft Auto. Take a look at the trailer (and tons of punk videos from the original) after the jump:

Can anyone make sense of this?

The original Repo Man is a cult masterpiece and a odd love note to early L.A. punk.

In the 80's, the movie industry devoured and vilified the image of the punk. Later, gangs became stereotypes du jour, but in '84 punks were seen as the real rapscallions. Every cop movie had some mohawked guy getting slammed against the hood of a car, or a leather clad girl spray painting a wall. The Police Academy movies loved to blame punks (and skateboarders, including a young David Spade).

But Repo Man was different. With it's stellar soundtrack of L.A. punk greats, it has become a important slice of Los Angeles musical history.

Enjoy these clips

Here's the full soundtrack in videos:

1. Iggy Pop – “Repo Man” – 5:11

2. Black Flag – “TV Party” – 3:50

3. Suicidal Tendencies – “Institutionalized” – 3:49

4. Circle Jerks – “Coup d'État” – 1:59

5. The Plugz – “El Clavo y la Cruz” – 2:56

6. Burning Sensations – “Pablo Picasso” – 4:01

7. Fear – “Let's Have a War” – 2:29

8. Circle Jerks – “When the Shit Hits the Fan” – 3:11

9. The Plugz – “Hombre Secreto (Secret Agent Man)” – 1:46

10. Juicy Bananas – “Bad Man” – 4:59

11. The Plugz – “Reel Ten” – 3:09

Iggy Pop Repo Man

Black Flag – “TV Party”

Moshing to Circle Jerks' “Coup d' Etat”

Los Angeles ska/soul band The Untouchables

Burning Sensations – Pablo Picasso

Fear – Let's Have a War

Circle Jerks – “When the Shit hits the Fan

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