Question: What could be better than 12 hours of heavy rock, dudes with questionable hygiene, and heavy metal cheeseburgers? Answer: 13 hours of heavy rock, dudes with questionable hygiene, and heavy metal cheeseburgers. But since 13 hours of rock, D.W.Q.H. and brutal burgers hasn't been approved by the FDA, The Power of the Riff festival half day rockstravaganza will have to do.

On August 8th, the Power of the Riff Festival will present 16 bands and 12 hours of heavy music at the Echo and the Echoplex. Southern Lord Recording's Greg Anderson and Night Horse singer/super-great dude Sam James Velde hand-picked the wide swath of hardcore, metal, and punk acts including Repulsion, Corrosion Of Conformity, From Ashes Rise, and Goatsnake. The heavy metal burger truck, Grill 'Em All, and Canters truck will present some meaty deliciousness for the masses, and for the straight-edge hardcore kids, Sweet Vindication will serve up some vegan treats.

With the promise of searing riffage on a hot summer day, the Power of the Riff fest promises to be nothing less than swelteringly awesome.

Let's hope they hand out deodorant at the door.

After the jump, we have the full line up and some fine metal music to smash your eardrums.

Free Admission with RSVP

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All Ages (RSVP is strictly required. Early arrival is suggested as space is limited.)

Corrosion Of Conformity III


From Ashes Rise


Trap Them

Black Breath

Night Horse

Eagle Twin

Early Graves


Righteous Fool

Semen Sundae

The Fucking Wrath

Rats Eyes

Spider Fever



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