L.A. Weekly devoted this week's issue to all that goes bump, thwack and squirt in the night — and in the daytime, for that matter.

Among the fornication-focused features (alliteration is my aphrodisiac, deal with it) includes a UCLA sex survey in which students were asked pertinent questions about penis length, music to fuck to, and how much virginity is worth.

One survey question inspired part of a photoshoot specially put together for the issue, featuring professional models and a guy in a rabbit suit. Because nothing shines a brighter light on L.A.'s libido than Lycra, hair extensions and ball sweat.


I didn't think Sailor Moon had genitals...

I didn't think Sailor Moon had genitals…

Inspired THIS:

So photographer Star Foreman and creative director Darrick Rainey had a field day downtown (and possibly at historic Los Angeles fetish design shop The Stockroom) putting together a shoot to rival all others…at least for the time being.

You never know when LAWeekly's gonna bite the bullet and devote an entire week to butt sex. Next to graffiti, supper clubs and pseudo-gourmet food trucks, it's the city's soon-to-be-an-unsecret pastime.

Here are some favorite outtakes from the cover shoot:

See the rest of the photos HERE:

And if you wanna hear how a bunch of fairies, unicorns and a plus-sized Alice like to do the nasty, check out this exclusive video.

Trojan Magnum (snicker) Condoms sponsored a costume party at Dragonfly where fairytale-clad Los Angelenos shared their sex preferences.

My favorite soundbyte: “I'm a tri-sexual. I'll try everything at least three times.”

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