Behind the Scenes at DTLA's Gorgeous New French Restaurant, Spring

Bourride (fish stew); Credit: Photo by Anne FishbeinBourride (fish stew); Credit: Photo by Anne Fishbein

It would be wrong to say that Spring, the upscale French spot from chef Tony Esnault, feels old-fashioned, as that might indicate stuffiness and overly rich sauces. Spring is anything but stuffy, but it does call to mind the exciting restaurant openings of New York City circa 2003, when food was moving in a more casual direction but still required civility and elegance to be taken seriously. The 6,000-square-foot restaurant takes up the soaring atrium of the Douglas Building, and the room is stunningly beautiful in a softer, more refined way than the industrial-chic spaces we see so much of these days. Read our full review.

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