Behind the Lens: The Production Powerhouse Cristina Barres Isac

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Cristina Barres Isac, a force of nature in the world of commercial production, is reshaping the industry with her passion, determination, and relentless pursuit of excellence. Originally from Venezuela, Cristina arrived in Mexican in 2016 and has since become a transformative figure in the production landscape. Rising from a production assistant to a become a leading producer, Cristina’s stewardship, empathy, and problem-solving skills have propelled her forward.

Cristina’s journey began at the prestigious Universidad Católica Andrés Bello in Venezuela, where she taught communication and visual arts. Since moving to Mexico to pursue her dream, she has built up an extensive body of work that illustrates her remarkable adaptability, proving that great productions know no boundaries and can be executed in any location given the right tenacity and skill.

One example of a project needing multiple locations and the right amount of adaptability is the commercial Cristina worked on for Velveeta. Directed by Andreas Nilsson and produced by Jay Veal, the Valveeta project was a dynamic and captivating endeavor. Over the course of three days, Cristina and her team embarked on a shooting journey across three different locations, where they created three completely separate spots, dedicating one day to each site.

Cristina and her team successfully crafted three distinct locations, each showcasing a unique narrative highlighting how people, regardless of where they’re from and no matter their circumstances, find joy in indulging in the deliciousness of Velveeta.

Set in the vibrant backdrop of Mexico City in March 2023, the Valveeta project employed an ensemble of Mexican talent with captivating personalities and characters perfectly suited for the commercial. The production further elevated its impact by making use of high-profile locations, such as the renowned Mercado de Jamaica, a sprawling and bustling market, and Salón Los Angeles, an iconic dancing venue nestled in the heart of Mexico City.

With productions like the Valveeta commercial under her belt, Cristina has earned her stripes in the industry. She shares, “What makes me stand out is my ability to pursue a goal with such determination that I put all my focus on that. I approach challenges one at a time without letting anything slow me down. My ability to always want to learn more, to understand things better, keeps me growing with every project.”

Cristina’s innate ability to make everyone feel valued and listened to, irrespective of their role, demonstrates her leadership acumen. She believes an extraordinary producer encompasses a range of exceptional qualities. They not only understand the entirety of the production process, beginning with the bidding process and job award but also excel at location scouting to discover remarkable yet budget-friendly sites. Moreover, they skillfully craft a shooting schedule that fits within the project’s allocated time frame and financial resources. Their expertise extends to post-production and visual effects work, ensuring the final product is ready for broadcasting on television and social media platforms. Additionally, they possess the ability to manage relationships effectively, maintaining strong connections with brand clients, creative agencies, directors, celebrities, and top-tier artists.

Looking toward the future, Cristina envisions continued growth in the industry, producing for various other high-profile companies like Valveeta and collaborating with the colleagues she’s connected with over the years. Evident through the Valveeta project, Cristina Barres Isac is not just a production powerhouse but a beacon of resilience, an embodiment of passion, and a relentless dreamer.

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