There's only 48 hours left in the voting process for SXSWi and we thought we would refresh your memory as to what to click on after you login to the PanelPicker. Last time we did this we were faced with such an overwhelming response we decided to do another round up. Except this time we culled ones that are particularly esoteric, and for SXSWi that's saying a lot. Here they are, in no particular order.

“Beers, Biking or the Bathroom? Where Do You Find Inspiration?”

As iPhone in the bathroom people ourselves, we're into hearing about the weird process habits of other digital creatives, especially 1Tim Street.

“Zombies, Vampires & Monsters: Fostering Loyal Genre Communities”

Is it the recession? Vampiremania is at an all time high and don't even ask about Comic Con. We wonder if there will be cosplay.

“Lifestreaming: The Next Great Social Media Frontier”

In a world where every minute detail of our lives is put on parade for all the world to see, the real question is “How do I get more publicly annoying, using current technology?” Lifestreaming? Why not…

“The Art of Shooting Tech: A Photographic Year in Review”

We honestly can't think of anything more esoteric than “the art of tech photography.” Still we're looking forward to this one.

“Don't Stop Believin: Why Karaoke WILL Change the World”

As people who belt out TLC's “Shoop” at work on a regular basis, we wholeheartedly believe it will.

Hopefully we'll get to sing (watch out Austin, we've been practicing).

Remember, you have only one more day to get out vote so get out there and vote for our L.A. Weekly “Tech Scene Smackdown: LA vs. SF vs. NYC vs. Boston vs. Austin.”

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May the best panel list win.

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