Talk about literal beer googles. Brewsees Eyewear's 12'Oz'er sunglasses might not make the biggest fashion statement, but they definitely win points for being the most useful 2-in-1 product during a tailgate party. Can't misplace your bottle opener when it's on your face.

Company founder Rob Ianelli came up with the concept after he stepped in dog excrement and could no longer use his flip-flop beer opener (true story). A couple of cold beers later, he decided “it was time to chase and capture the American Dream.”

Five years later, for $29.99, men everywhere can get their hands on these beer-opening shades. (That's the sale price; ordinarily the glasses will run you $39.00. Or you can get a “six pack” of them — in an actual six pack carton — for $149.99.) The sunglasses come with a “fashionable wrap around style, black finish and of course, polarized lenses to keep that man face of yours free from those harmful UV rays.”

Here is the product in action:

Their motto? Real men pry.

Credit: Brewsees

Credit: Brewsees

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