If we loved Lou Amdur's little wine shop when it was tucked in next door to Sqirl (and we did), we really love his new wine shop, 1.5 miles away in Los Feliz. With a much bigger selection and a tasting counter, it's a wine-geek's paradise, especially if you get Lou himself to start rhapsodizing about what's on the shelves. 

If you haven't had a chance to make it over there, there's a pretty great reason to go: Amdur, along with Santa Barabara sea urchin diver Stephanie Muntz, will be holding an uni and wine pairing/tasting tonight. You have to buy tickets in advance, and choose from a 6 or 7 p.m. time slot, but for $20 you get to taste four different wines along with your very own whole urchin. 


Muntz, better known as Sea Stephanie, is a commercial diver as well as an adjunct professor of marine biology. She dives for urchin a few times a week off the coast of Santa Barbara, and Amdur promises that “Other than donning a wetsuit and diving for urchin on your own, these are the freshest sea urchins you can lay your lips on.”

The wines being paired with the urchin are: 

Marcel Deiss Pinot d’Alsace ‘12
Jo Landron Muscadet Amphibolite Nature ‘12
Spaetrot-Gebeshuber Rotgipfler “Laim” ‘10
François Chidaine Montlouis Sur Loire “Clos Habert” ‘11

If you can't make it this evening, Amdur has a roster of other events and tastings coming up, all with delightfully dorky topics. For instance, this Sunday, Nov. 2, the tasting will focus on Volcanic wines. 

Find out more about the urchin tasting, buy tickets, and get info on other upcoming tastings here. 

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