L.A. Galaxy fans got to see two sellouts Sunday — the exhibition soccer match against AC Milan they attended and the first home appearance of superstar David Beckham since he negotiated his way out of his Galaxy contract to play with the very same AC Milan. A capacity crowd of 27,000 at Carson's Home Depot Center made Sunday's game the team's first stadium sellout this season, but many of those fans directed their anger against the golden boy midfielder, who is scheduled to rejoin the Milan team to which he was on loan earlier this year. Beckham's desire to play in the European cup circuit again was so strong that he reportedly paid several million dollars of his own money to bail on the Galaxy once the season ends.

At one point a man jumped on the field to confront Becks, only to be arrested. Some fans held disparaging banners inscribed with such sentiments as, “Go Home Fraud,” and “23: Repent.” The number 23 is Beckham's jersey number.

“They were saying things that really weren't very nice,” the L.A. Times quotes Beckham. The game ended in a 2-2 tie.

Beckham arrived in L.A. in 2007,

with his wife Victoria, who was formerly known as singer Posh Spice. He came with a $250 million, five-year contract in hand, though some of his

Galaxy teammates were reportedly lucky to be pulling down $12,900 per year.

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