Last night, ABKCO Records released the official soundtrack listing for the much-awaited film Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, which features original music from Beck, Broken Social Scene, and Metric.

The movie is a fanboy/music geek cream dream based on Bryan Lee O'Malley's comic about unemployed garage rocker Scott Pilgrim (Michael Cera), who falls for the edgy Ramona Flowers (Mary Elizabeth Winstead).

But in order to win her love, Pilgrim has to defeat her seven evil ex-boyfriends in either Mortal Kombat-style fights or literal battles of the bands. Regarding the latter, some heavyweight musicians lend a hand. Radiohead producer Nigel Godrich wrote the score for the film and enlisted Beck to write the songs for Pilgrim's band Sex Bob-Omb.

A few months back, we watched the movie's musical performances with director Edgar Wright (Hot Fuzz/Shaun of the Dead), and though the film wasn't finished yet, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World seems to mix High Fidelity's self-aware indieness with Crank's video game sensory overload.

The music is pretty great, with the bands in the movie representing somewhat parodic reinventions of the real thing. Broken Social Scene writes for heavy synth-thrash band Crash and the Boys, while and Metric becomes the Clash at the Demonhead.

Japanese wunderkind Cornelius composes some music that doesn't make it on the soundtrack, but Wright told us about his specific instructions to the sonic alchemist: “I asked him, 'What would your version of the THX music be?' So he gave us this future music to do battle against Sex Bob-Omb.”

And for those who may be wary of seeing George Michael Bluth rocking a Rickenbacher on stage, fear not. Cera has come a long way since his days of playing open mic night at Loyola Marymount University with his buddy Clark Duke. (Anyone else there for that?)

When we called Cera a few months back, he said he no plans for a band of his own, but if Pilgrim is any indication, he'd have no problem rocking out with his socks out.

The soundtrack drops August 10 via ABKO. The movie opens August 13.


01. SEX BOB-OMB (Beck) – “We Are SEX BOB-OMB”

02. Plumtree – “Scott Pilgrim”

03. Frank Black – “I Heard Ramona Sing”

04. Beachwood Sparks – “By Your Side”

05. Black Lips – “O Katrina!”

06. Crash and the Boys (Broken Social Scene) – “I'm So Sad, So Very, Very Sad”

07. Crash and the Boys (Broken Social Scene) – “We Hate You Please Die”

08. SEX BOB-OMB (Beck) – “Garbage Truck”

09. T. Rex – “Teenage Dream”

10. The Bluetones – “Sleazy Bed Track”

11. Blood Red Shoes – “It's Getting Boring by the Sea”

12. Metric – “Black Sheep”

13. SEX BOB-OMB (Beck) – “Threshold”

14. Broken Social Scene – “Anthems for a Seventeen-Year-Old Girl”

15. The Rolling Stones – “Under My Thumb”

16. Beck – “Ramona (Acoustic)”

17. Beck – “Ramona”

18. SEX BOB-OMB (Beck) – “Summertime”

19. Brian LeBarton – “Threshold 8 Bit”

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