They put Cahuenga on the clubber map, made manicures and martinis a classic combo (wish we could always sip a cocktail while getting clipped and dipped!) and continue to offer some of our favorite, off-beat DJ nights (Still Fucking Awesome on Mondays, Trans-Am on Fridays), and now, The Beauty Bar is out to put a “beauty” mark on the face of fashion too.

The drinking spot's retro parlour aesthetics, particularly the bar's sassy silhouette logo, now emblazon a new line of t-shirts and tops, and a couple of weekends ago, we checked out the collection debut party at De La Barracuda on Melrose ( a shop and party hub we’re really loving lately- see Nightranger). Unfortunately we got there late, so we missed the BBQ and free manis! Still, we haven't been to Melrose in like forever, so we took the opportunity to hit up some old haunts. (See our next post for the not-so-rosey report from that part of the afternoon).

Sprfkr (pronounced Superfucker) with his design.

As for the Beauty collection, it fits in real well with the edgy, streetwear stuff at Barracuda, with looks by hip designers and graphic artists including FREE GOLD WATCH (San Francisco), CTRL(Helsinki, Finland), BRAINS ON FIRE (New York, NY), SEARCH + RESQ (Los Angeles), HEEBEEGEEBEE (Grand Rapids, MI.) and SPRFKR (Los Angeles, CA). The line will be sold exclusively at the Melrose store and online beginning May 15th, and as you might expect, it’s all super-cute, girlie-glam goodness, though it really takes something special to get us to shell out cash for tees these days. We have sooooo many (who doesn't, right?). We'd love to see the designs go beyond t-shirts, with the logo as a print, on maybe some dresses or skirts in the future.

Currently in the works: a Beauty Bar jewelry and accessory line, and a nail polish brand (natch) with URBAN DECAY.

Buy the BB booty at the store now, or order it online (starting this Thursday) here:

Here's a couple of designs:

law logo2x blaw logo2x b

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