Isn't it high time you accrued “colleagues” instead of buddies and established connections in the “community” rather than the hood? If you're 30-plus and still using concrete blocks to prop up your Yes CDs in a rented crash pad, grow up. Put on some long pants and a shirt with buttons (button them!) and devote two hours to learning real estate strategies from the flush Dynamic Capital dudes in their seminar Everything You Wanted to Know About Real Estate and Don't Know Who to Ask at the Luxe Hotel (you were expecting Motel 6?) in Brentwood. Heaven forbid, you might actually learn the skills to buy your own house, let alone make tons of dough in real estate. At the very least, you'll get tips on how to get out of that godforsaken dump you wouldn't bring your mother to — and maybe someday own a piece of the rock.

Tue., Dec. 15, 7 p.m., 2009

LA Weekly