In the last 10 years, you haven’t heard a lot about B.C., Bud, that is, British Columbia Cannabis … BC Bud sounds so much better; but it was around the year 2000 or so when I moved to British Columbia.

It’s so much stronger than it used to be back in the ’60s is what we thought. It’s harmless today. It’s practically a hard drug. If you can repeat that. You can be a drug czar. The claim back then was that B.C. Bud was so potent it was being traded pound for pound for cocaine in Los Angeles.

Yeah, it really was this new thing that again, is something that has been a part of protest propaganda.

I remember one protest: “Why the hippies at Woodstock might as well have been smoking the grass they were sitting on, because it was so low in THC.” Whereas today the idea that the ’60s were about a placebo. By the way, why the hell were you putting all those people in prison for a placebo? Why are you arresting all these people for a placebo?

The fact of the matter is that back into the ’70s, when private testing was legal, some we tested as high as 15 percent THC. Now, yes, with improvements in everything and also just the economics of contraband, people made you through and figured out how to grow stronger and stronger weed.

But B.C. Bud was the Boogie Man De Jure. Head of the Canadian Police Union, said that Canada has replaced Mexico as the major source of marijuana.

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Believe it or not, I mean, what he was trying to do, as the head of the Canadian police union, was trying to encourage the United States to play hardball with his country. Now, Canadians aren’t as big on Patriotism as most Americans are, but damn man, using B.C. bud as an excuse to encourage the United States to place economic sanctions on your own country.

That’s a higher salary patriotism that we’re accustomed to down here. One example of how the the drug war really distorted everything in terms of using the police; they became effectively a propaganda organization to support their own policies, just as they have in the United States, where the whole government, the medical establishment, every part of the government, every part of the society is turned into a propaganda organ. We look at China today and you can see it in China. It is only a totalitarian scale, which we have not yet been conditioned to.

Although we’re working on it. The idea that well, everything is in fact, all about whatever the party line is. And the party line is what the government is. And that is basically what we had in the midst of Reefer Madness and which the prohibitionists are now trying to bring back with attacks not just on marijuana or in fact, really and truly the whole idea of cannabis, medical cannabis, they want to suppress that. This is the Empire Strikes Back. I don’t think they can win, but if we let them, they will.

Richard Cowan, ex national director of NORML, is co-founder of, a platform where he strives to educate seniors on the benefits of CBD usage in seniors.

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