If you're working at home today, telecommuting from your lawn chair in order to avoid the motorcades and grieving masses, the stalled traffic and barricades around Staples Center, then you might want to consider barbecuing for dinner. The grill's probably still where you left it after your July 4th festivities. And, if you read The Washington Post this past Sunday, you perhaps came across a story Jonathan Gold wrote about what you probably didn't grill for dinner. Why did you char a plate of ordinary hamburgers when you could have been tossing a delicate pair of quail on the grill? And, if you follow Mr. Gold's newsprint footprints, you will also learn where to get said quail, at least if you live anywhere near the Pasadena foothills. If Arsen Khachoyan, who along with his uncle Alex runs the tiny Garni Meat Market on Washington Boulevard, is out of quail, as he was this morning, he will happily sell you a whole chicken or some plump lamb chops. Or you can try your luck hunting for one of these live ones. (If Dick Cheney, now that he's got time on his hands, doesn't get to it first.)

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