Barbecue and beer. A pretty ordinary combination — except when the chef adds coconut, or a dash of fish sauce. The Spice Table is partnering with the Bruery to offer a prix-fixe dinner May 23 at $75 per person. The Singapore-inspired restaurant will serve eight dishes, each accompanied by select beers from the Bruery. Hot links, char siu spareribs and collard greens could all be on the menu. Also Brussels sprouts garnished with fish sauce, potato rolls topped with coconut and sea salt, cornbread served with pork, dried shrimp and lap chong (Chinese sausage), and baked beans mixed with palm sugar and lamb bacon. For dessert, an apple crumble. No word yet on the drinks planned from the Bruery, but we have reason to believe the craft brewer will bring more-than-decent choices.

Choose from four seatings — 6:30, 7, 7:30, or 8 p.m. — and email to reserve a spot. For the record, May 23 marks the fourth anniversary of the Bruery, and the “one-year, two-month and 13th-day anniversary” of the Spice Table, chef Bryant Ng tells us via email. Hey, any excuse to celebrate with barbecue and beer works for us.

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