Bbobbler: Translating Skills And Passion Into Memories For People!

A popular quote says,

A gift consists not in what is done or given but in the intention of the giver or doer.

Gifts are a very common way to show your care, concern, and love toward any person. Sometimes gifts are a formal way to acknowledge someone’s efforts. At other times, gifts are the best way to tell your feelings to your loved ones.

Whether it’s a graduation party, a birthday party, a wedding anniversary, or a wedding itself, gifts can be the best way to show how your heart is involved in the gift you are presenting to your loved ones.

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In the monthly spotlight of our magazine, we have chosen a brand that is the true depiction of how someone’s heart is involved in her profession and business. We are going to share the story of passion-driven success for a brand, but it is more than just a business success. Instead, it involves the personal satisfaction of the brand owner.

In the global personalized gift industry worth $23.5 billion, it is not easy to stand out and get recognized as one of the best brands in the relevant domain. Even more, the market is expected to grow to #34.3 billion by 2026. The Bbobbler is making an impactful contribution to the gift industry by making unique pieces for its customers.

Who is behind Bbobbler?

How did the brand become a sensation?

What is the expertise of the brand?

We will answer all questions and a lot more about the brand’s business for people who want to join the personalized gifts industry soon.

What Is Bbobbler?

When we talk about personalized gifts, bobblehead dolls are the most adorable we have seen recently. These are little dolls customized according to the requirements of the client. For instance, if you want to give a present to your parents on their anniversary, you can get their mini versions as custom bobblehead dolls.

Bbobbler is also such a business based in Hong Kong, living to the promise of bringing smiles to the faces of your loved ones. Besides, the company also has an office and warehouse in the US to increase business efficiency. The team behind the company is very dedicated, and each bobblehead doll they craft is perfection in itself. Today we are going to talk a lot about them.

General Information About Business

Already excited to place an order or inquire about Bbobbler products?

Here are some general details about them for you to get in touch with:

Business Hours

  • Monday – Friday, 8am to 6pm
  • Saturday – 9am to 5pm
  • Sunday – 9am to 5 pm

Working Days

Monday to Sunday

How To Connect?

Phone Number: 1-631-268-0484



USA Office: Los Angeles, CA, United States

Hongkong Office: Mongkok, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Story Of Bbobbler From A Mom to An Entrepreneur

Nicole Wilson is the founder of the Bbobbler, and the journey has been a roller coaster for her. It was in 2012 when she decided to turn her skill into her business. Her love for bobblehead dolls and her top-notch skills empowered her to scale the idea as a sustainable business. But little did she know that her idea could take up the hype and give her the room to expand internationally.

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Nicole Wilson had done her research to know that the market of personalized and customized gifts was becoming popular. However, the main items in personalized gifts were coffee mugs, t-shirts, stationery, pen holders, photo frames, albums, etc. Her idea was different; making bobblehead dolls with personalized faces!

She knew her idea had the spark but success –she wasn’t sure if the audience would like the idea of the premium bobblehead dolls for different events. However, she decided to dive into the business industry.

Journey Of Bbobbler

After working on her business plan, getting supply chain stakeholders on board, and managing all resources, it was time to launch. Nicole decided to keep her business model online, and she identified her target audience in North American, European, and Asian markets.

Once she had launched her business, she had to wait until she received the notification of her first order of customized bobblehead dolls. Things were picking up gradually. She invested in digital marketing and online avenues to convert admirers of her art into customers. And things were working according to her plans, and her sales were increasing.

Nicole never had to look back to reconsidering her business plan. In fact, after a few years of operations, she felt the need to expand the team and hire more professional artists to share the business load. Due to the niche business, she struggled to hire professionals, but her expertise assisted her in hiring the right individuals.

After years of operation, the team expanded, and the small company opened another US facility. The team behind Bbobbler is working hard every day to make the dream of Bobblehead dolls at every event as a gift come true.

What Differentiates Bbobbler From Other Personalized Gift Manufacturers?

Here are the features of Bbobbler that set the brand apart from other personalized gift manufacturers:

1.   Premium Material

The premium quality material used by the Bbobbler for crafting every piece is what sets them apart from the other bobblehead doll manufacturers. The company is setting the trend of using non-toxic and environmentally friendly polymer clay. Using polymer clay doesn’t only help in cost optimization but also reduces carbon footprints and emissions, which subsequently supports the sustainability cause.

 However, some designs also feature polyresin. Using polyresin enhances the perfection of the designs, helps in cost optimization and is more environmentally friendly than other materials.

2.   100% Customization For Personalized Gifts

Whether you want a standard bobblehead with no customization or want to feature someone’s face, costume, and size in a bobblehead doll, Bbobbler provides the solutions for you. The company allows you to have the freedom to choose everything about the piece you order. Enjoy the customized costumes, themes, faces, sizes, colors, etc., with 100% customization of your bobblehead dolls.

3.   Exceptional Customer Service And Feedback

A business can only have sustainable success if the team is doing what the customers expect from the business. And fortunately, the competitive edge of Bbobbler is the extraordinary focus on what customers want and what they expect.

The team of professionals stays in touch with the client until the piece is ready and approved by the customer. This is what really differentiates the company from other bobblehead manufacturers. If you want perfection in every unit, Bbobbler can offer you without any doubt.

4.   Professional Team

We already mentioned how the passion of a single artist translated into a business and expanded to grow a team of equally enthusiastic and passionate artists. The professional excellence of the Bbobller team is well depicted in the creativity and attention to detail in each and every customized doll they craft for the customers. The team is highly professional, efficient, creative, and quality-oriented to have 100% satisfaction from customers for every piece crafted.

5.   Diversity In Product Range

You don’t have to go with similar-looking bobbleheads with a 100% customization option. Not only this, there are 100s of templates for you to choose from. Whether you want a small bobblehead doll, have the bigger one, or want customization for a specific event, the brand allows you to choose from a wide range of products.

You can also order customized bobblehead dolls for events like birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, graduation parties, Christmas, Father’s/Mother’s Day, or whatnot. Check out Bobbler’s website here to see their impressive catalog of perfect dolls.

6.     Fast Shipping

Although shipping delays are unprecedented nowadays, the competitive edge of the Bbobbler is ensuring fast shipping with minimal delays. Therefore, if shipping speed is your concern, Bbobbler is the best place where you can get satisfaction.

7.     Free Proofing

This vision of the founder is translated into the whole workflow of the Bbobbler. From getting the initial instructions to customer onboarding during the manufacturing process, and customer feedback after final delivery is at the core of Bbobbler’s business.

The professional team behind Bbobbler also sends proofs of the dolls to the customers. To mention the proofing service is 100% free. The main objective of this practice is to ensure that the customers are satisfied with the product and the process.

8.     Worldwide Shipping

Regardless of which region of the world you are living in, you can order customized dolls from Bbobbler. The shipping times can vary depending on the place of shipment, but you can expect a very fast turnaround time.

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Challenges Of The Industry

Upon asking Nicole Wilson, the founder of Bbobbler, she highlighted the main challenges she faced when she started the business and the challenges that are coming her way now. So here are the main challenges you can expect when entering the market of personalized bobblehead dolls or personalized gifts:

Cost And Price

The difference between the cost and price is low. Therefore, the profit margins are lower than in other domains and niches. Cost optimization to increase margins without compromising on the quality of the products delivered to the customers is one of the biggest challenges we have to face when starting a business, says Nicole, founder of Bbobbler.

Shipping Costs

Shipping costs are soaring around the world, and this is not for a specific industry but applies to all industries and niches. However, the costs are even higher for our business domain as we deal in personalized gifts that need to be handled with care. International shipping costs can be your real concern when you are shipping such delicate products to customers worldwide.

Shipping Delays

In the online business model, the biggest challenge the management of any brand has to cope with is unwanted shipping delays of the orders. The prime example of COVID-19 is what can be quoted to explain how undesired and uncontrollable shipping delays can destroy businesses. Therefore, making sure that you are ahead of the time is what every online business should work on.

Fierce Competition

If we talk about the current scenario, the competition in the bobblehead dolls niche has increased by a notable percentage. More and more artists and professionals are entering the domain due to the increased popularity and economies of scale benefits of the standard bobblehead. Therefore, the newcomers should be prepared for fierce competition, and existing businesses need to adapt to stay relevant in the industry.

Unprofessional Artists

It is very hard to find professional artists to be on your team to work on detail-oriented designs. We had to struggle a lot to find the artists who could handle the nitty-gritty details of the art pieces and work with polyclay, says Nicole.

Opportunities For The Existing Businesses

With challenges come opportunities and a similar is the case with Bbobbler. Where online business models have to face different challenges, there are also exceptional opportunities.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is where businesses in the bobblehead dolls industry can market their products and increase their sales. Nicole says that her experience with social media marketing has taught her to increase sales without spending too much money on marketing. For instance, just posting a video of the whole process on your Instagram, Facebook, or Tik Tok can be the breakthrough point of your business.

Influencer Marketing

When you have different influencers and key opinion leaders review your products and share the experience with their audience, it also increases conversions and sales. However, try to get an honest review from the influencers to keep things real and believable for your customers.

Advice For The New Comers

When we asked Nicole about what will she advise to the newcomers who want to explore the niche of bobblehead dolls, her reply was as follows:

If you want to succeed in the long run, there is no other option than focusing on the quality of your company’s products. If a brand has an exceptional marketing team but an average manufacturing team and low-quality materials, this business model will not be sustainable. The quality of your work only determines your long-term success.

Besides, you need to leverage digital avenues and social media platforms to increase sales of your business. Besides, the professionalism and skills of the artist you work with are essential to your business. Customers are very specific about the resemblance of the bobblehead dolls to the pictures they share with you. Therefore, one-million-dollar advice from Ms. Wilson is to focus on attention to detail to create the nearest face that resembles the real photos.

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