Current L.A. Weekly feature artist Baths — the Chatsworth-based rising electronic music star — has just been added to the bill for tomorrow night's Fol Chen record release show.

Both acts drop new records on Tuesday — Baths celebrated his Anticon debut, Cerulean, at the Troubadour with Daedelus over the weekend — with Fol Chen's sophomore LP, Part II: The New December coming out on Asthmatic Kitty.

Already on the bill were Pizza! (who we caught at Aquarium Drunkard's Waved Out fest) and Random Patterns (who released a free album a week ago).

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Here's our Pick preview of the show (written before the Baths addition).

A few days ago, West Coast Sound shared the new Fol Chen single, “The Holograms.” And a couple months before that, we posted Baths' remix of Fol Chen's “In Ruins,” which features L.A. songstress Kárin Tatoyan on vocals.

Worlds collide.

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