Happy Bastille Day! Are we back to shopping yet? If you're into stimulating the economy–and the Dauphine could have used that excuse had it been available to her at the time–here are some Antoinette-inspired items (from Etsy and other internet environs) for your consideration. The storming of the Bastille happened several years before she lost her head. It was the prelude to the end. She should have gotten the hell out of France. Oh well. Hindsight.

1. Hat with Gilded Ship

Okay, how crazy is this hat by TopsyTurvyDesign? It has a freaking ship on it. The woman who makes these hats, Kim Brown-Dye from Oakland, was featured on MTV. I don't know where you'd wear this hat. To church? To brunch? To the guillotine?

2. Let Them Eat Cake Poster

Supposedly, she never even said it. And if she did say it, she meant “brioche” not “cake.” And if it was brioche, she only said it because she was ignorant. Apparently not a good trait to have if you, you know, rule a country. The quote came to be known as a symbol of the callous monarchy, who were oblivious of the starving masses. And on that note, this poster would look super cute in a kitchen.

3. Let Them Drink Tea & Eat Pastries Rings

These are adorable. I've promised never to use the word “whimsy,” but there. I said it.

4. Antoinette Enamel Cluster Bracelet

This is a modern interpretation of Marie Antoinette and the Rococo style. We're seeing a lot of this action lately. We've entered an era of decoration.

5. Wrist Cuffs

Cute. Wonder how you would wear these, though. Strictly for costume purposes?

6. Marie Antoinette Action Figure (with Ejector Head) & Lollipop Head Pops

These and these are pretty much genius. Get some fake blood and you've got a party.

7. Decadent Head Brooch

Love that this brooch is just her head. You DIY types could probably make something like it at home.

8. Collect The Heads Card Game

She who collects the best noble heads wins. This game by Avalon Hill looks awesome.

9. Wooden Guillotine Model

Too bad this wooden guillotine prop is out of stock. It says “No delivery date known.” Is it a bad thing that they are sold out of guillotines? Does not bode well.

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