Friends Of Friends — friends of ours responsible for a growing crop of exciting releases — has just announced its signing of L.A./S.F. beat music artist, Shlohmo, a.k.a. 19-year-old Henry Laufer, a former intern at Dubab. (Oddly enough, just last week the label that digitally distributes FoF, Alpha Pup, launched an digital/vinyl imprint run by one of its former interns.) Shlohmo's glitchy, bass-heavy soundscapes are already drawing comparisons to the output of Flying Lotus and Nosaj Thing, both of whom are part of the Alpha Pup family, so dude should fit right in.

Download: Shlohmo – “Hot Boxing The Cockpit” [MP3]

But if you're still on the fence after hearing “Hot Boxing The Cockpit” — from the forthcoming FoF release, Shlomoshun Deluxe, due out January 12 — consider catching Shlohmo in the act at this Friday's installment of Calling All Kids, the free weekly at Silver Lake's Hyperion Tavern. Album art and tracklist below.

Shlohmo – Shlomoshun Deluxe

01. “Tomato Squeeze”

02. “7am”

03. “Spoons”

04. “Post Atmosphere”

05. “Hot Boxing the Cockpit”

06. “Dead Pixel”

07. “Teeth”

08. “Antigravity”

09. “Hot Boxing The Cockpit” (Tokimonsta Remix)

10. “7am” (devonwho Remix)

11. “Antigravity” (Fulgeance Remix)

12. “Antigravity” (Low Limit Remix)

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