Updated after the jump: Zito was reportedly broadsided at a WeHo stoplight, and is due for an MRI.

Looks like someone was getting a little overexcited before the big game.

In what we're hoping is an omen for the San Francisco Giants' luck on the Dodger Stadium diamond today, pitcher Barry Zito got himself into a bit of a crunch in West Hollywood last night — one that ended up landing him in Cedars-Sinai Medical Center (hospital to the stars!) until early this morning, City News Service reports.

He's out now, but Zito's car accident at Sunset Boulevard and Sunset Plaza Drive just before 8 p.m. caused “major damage” to his car, according to ESPN. (And, we're hoping, to his killer curveball.) West Hollywood sheriff's deputies tell us that paramedics “treated both parties” at the scene, and that the ball player was gone by the time deputies showed up — but they soon “discovered that it was Barry Zito.”

At which point, they were probably like, “Sweet!”

What timing. Looks like them NorCal hicks may be having a hard time adjusting to the road-ragin' clip of Los Angeles. (Or at least West Hollywood, right near all the gay clubs. Fishy.)

Y'all can fly a “Beat L.A.” banner above our stadium, but you can't beat the traffic!

From the Silicon Valley Mercury News:

Hopefully his ever-scrutinized mental state is OK, too. He remains a key ingredient to the Giants' rotation as their No. 4 starting pitcher in this championship-defending season. …

He's been crucified for not performing up to his pay grade since crossing the Bay Bridge from the A's to the Giants in 2007.

Zito's not scheduled to pitch until Sunday, so we do wish him a speedy recovery until then. Because, you know — he'll need all the strength he can get. Bring it on.

Update: Here's some new medical details from a sports column on the San Francisco Chronicle website this morning:

“I was just told that Zito had X-rays on his neck at the hospital last night, which were negative, and will undergo an MRI this morning.”

Then this, from SF radio host Brian Murphy, or @knbrmurph:

Credit: Twitter

Credit: Twitter

Could it have been a crazed Dodgers fan, avenging the “Beat L.A.” banner in advance? Hope not. Better than a stabbing in the parking lot, at least.


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