What thousands of food-writers couldn't do with their online ranting, Barneys did with a single billboard. They killed the word “foodie.”

Despite the way it has come to connote a “dilettante who knows little about food but insists on imposing their opinions on others“… Despite the fact that it has become almost meaningless through overuse… Despite the fact that it was #1 on our Top 10 Foodie Words We Hate list… Foodie hadn't actually jumped the shark — until Barneys used it in a billboard.

Roll out the hearse. The billboard on La Cienega near San Vicente marks the final demise of relevant use for “foodie.” Because if there's one thing Barneys New York excels at, it's selling trendy, wildly overpriced goods to rich people who have too much money and too little taste.

That pounding sound you hear? That would be the last nail in “foodie's” coffin.

LA Weekly