Quite frankly, we're not sure if this idea is really cool or really stupid: “Naked Girls Reading Pulp Fiction.” This is just the latest in a series of “Naked Girls Reading…” presentations. A previous show had them reading comic books at the Golden Apple comic book store. Whatcha have here is, well, exactly what it sounds like. Young women taking off their clothes and reading before a live audience. The women — Scarlett Letter, Angelita Purrvertina, Miss Josie Bunnie, and La Fille Damnee — normally work as strippers — uh, oh sorry, we meant “burlesque dancers” (you call these dames “strippers” to their face and you'll end up with a karate kick to your solar plexus). This time around they'll be reading from detective stories, men's magazines, trashy novels and sleazy sex paperbacks. This event is being hosted by Aaron “Vlad” Sterling, proprietor of a gallery/gift shop that specializes in handmade art and clothing designed by creative locals. Sterling's hosted this show before. “I have a profound reverence for boobs,” he admits. Last time he did this, “it was really fun and carefree, not creepy. There were no guys in trenchcoats. There was more laughing than leering.” The problem is that the sex fiend in us thinks that merely reading is so … passive. How about some activity that requires a little more bounce? Like naked girls chopping wood or jack-hammering cement blocks? Even naked girls flossing would require a little more physicality. But what the hell, we'll take what we get. And there's a free wine reception after the show.

Sun., April 17, 7 p.m., 2011

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