So the lingerie duel between @avflox and I…the physical femmy fight that broke out as a result of a corporate-induced rivalry…it went down yesterday.

(Damn right that pun's intended.)

Need a refresher? Clarissa This explains it all:

My body hurts. I'm exhausted. And I have a fucking day job so I'm awake at 7 a.m. Miss Flox, on the other hand, doesn't sleep (vampire) nor does she crawl out of bed before the rest of the world is on its lunch break, so she had some time on her hands following the photo shoot.

And I'm glad she did cuz there were 500 photos to look through and thank Buddha she's got decent taste, which I learned after spending time with her yesterday. It was part of the deal.

If you weren't following us both on Twitter, don't fret. You can read our exchange on the @afterdarkla and @avflox profile pages. We couldn't bear not to talk shit behind each other's iPhones while we worked. It's just science.

Now I'm getting a lot of flack (and losing points) for not showing my eyes. I'll take care of that. But in case I haven't mentioned it enough, I've got more to think about than my Twitter #rep. We can't all live in a fantasy world, at least not all 24 hours.

So anyway, here's some preliminary aftermath following the lingerie duel. Thanks to @mikeprasad for amazing imagery. I'll have my own selection of photos to share once I make the deadlines I missed while faux fornicating all day.

Barbie F T W.

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