This is pretty close to being the best science fair project ever. Most kids make exploding volcanoes. Jessyratfink make a fully functional electric chair for her Barbie doll to demonstrate how currents and conductivity work. Her project “completely disgusted the entire female staff of Benton Middle.”

She made a prison outfit for her Barbie, cut its hair, drew dark circles under its eyes and smudged lipgloss around its mouth.

Jessyratfink is 25 years old now and lives in Louisville, Kentucky. Yes, Kentucky is a death penalty state. Though it seems they do it by lethal injection, just like we do in California, according to Death Penalty Info. However, if you committed your heinous murder and are convicted in Kentucky before the date of March 31, 1998, you can choose to be executed by electrocution. Who says there are no choices in life?

For full instructions on how to make Barbie's electric chair, visit Jessy's Instructables page.

LA Weekly