TV host and former “Apprentice” contestant Jenn Hoffman says she was banned from the Chateau Marmont for tweeting about one of its celebrity guests. According to Hoffman, two weeks ago she was eating dinner at the celeb-friendly hotspot when model Rachel Hunter (you may know her as the ex-Mrs. Rod Stewart or as Playboy's Miss April 2004) began prancing around, singing “Happy Birthday” and flashing her lady parts as she performed splits and high-kicks in the middle of the restaurant.

Hoffman (@jennhofman) sent out a tweet, something to the effect of: “Rachel Hunter is acting crazy in the middle of the Chateau Marmont.” (Hoffman can't find the offending Tweet on her feed and neither can we.)

A few days later, Hoffman couldn't get a reservation at the restaurant. She asked to speak to the manager, who she says told her she was been banned for a year because of her tweet.

Hoffman asked him if the Chateau Marmont, which is not on Twitter, has a social media policy and was told they didn't. As Hoffman points out, a quick search of Tweets about “chateau marmont” will show several that mention celebrities. So do you get banned for Tweeting about the Marmont's famous guests or only for Tweeting about their embarrassing antics? Either way, Hoffman's now persona non grata at the restaurant for 11.5 more months.

No word on whether she can stay in the hotel where John Belushi OD'd in 1982, where Jim Morrison reportedly dangled from a drainpipe, where Montgomery Clift recuperated after his car crash, where John Frusciante nearly killed himself on heroin, where Greta Garbo holed up ven she vanted to be alone. Imagine if Twitter had existed back then.

LA Weekly