British guerrilla artist Banksy has stirred up quite a whirlwind of media, emotion and debate over his street pieces, spotted around L.A. recently in advance of his shot at an Academy Award for Exit Through the Gift Shop.

A crowd gathered and hurumphed earlier this week when CBS Outdoor apparently tore down a piece he painted on a Sunset Boulevard billboard. There's a even a Facebook group to defend his recent piece on the side of a Westwood Urban Outfitters.

But nothing quite beats a 14-year-old belting out Michael Jackson's “Will You Be There” with the polish of an American Idol finalist:

Aw. So cute.

Yeah, media stunt or not, it's an instant hit.

A tipster tells the Weekly teen Pia Mia, a Westwood resident, was simply walking home from lunch when she saw the hubbub surrounding Banksy's boy-with-a-gun piece and decided to sing.

While his reputed six-figure work has been taken down and covered up at other L.A. locales this week, Banksy [oops] an Urban Outfitters employee tells the MELROSEandFAIRFAX blog that first broke the story of Banksy's latest L.A. work that ” … as an artist myself, I only want the utmost preservation for any artwork, especially of this magnitude.”

And while the Facebook group set up to defend Banksy's Westwood piece seems to think Urban Outfitters might take it down or cover it up, MELROSEandFAIRFAX notes:

“There are a lot of conspiracy theories swirling about whether Banksy placed this piece on the Urban Outfitters as a reward for selling the most copies of his book Wall and Piece …”

Maybe Pia Mia's serenade will help give it a long life.

LA Weekly