Banksy seemed to get more positive buzz from the Oscars on Sunday than James Franco.

And the artist wasn't even there.

After a few weeks in L.A. in which the British wall painter saw his work taken down, stolen and vandalized, it was only fitting that he would then be disinvited from the Academy Awards even though his Exit Through the Gift Shop was up for best documentary (organizers were worried about the security ramifications of Banksy showing up in disguise).

Twitter was alight with great Banksy observations, post-Oscars:

Krista Lucas, referring to Lady Gaga's incognito arrival to the Grammy Awards: “He should have gone to the #oscars in an egg, it would have worked!”

Ron Hubbard: “Turns out that last night's Oscars were just an elaborate Banksy art installation.”

Mercer W, referring to Justin Timberlake's joke that, “I'm Banksy:” “Loved that JT said he was Banksy last night. Favorite speculation I read though was that Oprah was Banksy!”

It appears Banksy hit an Oceanside taco shop.; Credit: BryonDesignProd

It appears Banksy hit an Oceanside taco shop.; Credit: BryonDesignProd

Anita French: “Well, now that millions of new people know who #Banksy is now, I can begin my hipster hatred for him.”

Tequila Avion: #Banksy is the new Tequila Avion spokesperson

Steve Murphy: “Do @oscars regret being #banksy haters? Maybe they can hire him to promote the show next year instead of hiding their best shot at 18-49s.”

Zach Boyce: “#Banksy showing up at the @#oscars would have made better entertainment than the hum drum I fell asleep watching last night.”

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